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nike Brand Name ShoesMost of the people think that shoes are just for the protection of their feet. For such people, shoes are nothing but just some pieces of leather, cloth and rubber that help to keep their feet protected from different weather, pebbles and sharp rocks etc. For others, shoes are important part of their style statement. Shoes are an asset to their style. Some people like to have a collection of shoes; buying branded shoes is an addiction. Many brand name shoes are available in market and hence, you can get the kind and type of shoes you like.

There are thousands of shoe designers and millions retail showrooms in the world, but some brands, which are famous worldwide are Nike, Adidas, Puma, Reebok, Under Armour, New Balance, Keds, FILA, K-Swiss, Hi-tec etc. All the above shoe brands are also the top sports-shoe brands in the world. Additionally, they thrive to provide their customers the best of footwear and quality is never compromised. Let’s get to know about some of these here:

• Nike

Nike is a well known American sports-shoe brand and it is well known for its high quality products as well as innovation and advanced technology. It has a good reputation in the market and its slogan in very famous i.e. “just do it”.

• Adidas

Named for its founder, Adi Dassler, adidas athletic footwear has a heritage dating back to the 1920s. Always innovative, adidas’ philosophy is to help athletes achieve their highest performance levels. From classic footwear to cutting edge performance, adidas shoes leads the way with superior design and innovative technology.

branded shoes Brand Name Shoes• Reebok

Reebok was the origin of Europe in UK; it was a subsidiary brand for Adidas.

• Puma

Puma was a small shoe-making company in a village of Germany; it has developed a lot as it has evolved from one village factory to a transnational corporation worldwide.


FILA was found in 1926 in Italy. It is a popular brand for fashion sport shoes.

• Converse

The very first pair of basketball shoes was produced by converse. The classical Chuck Taylor all star basketball shoes are still very famous.

• New balance

New balance is one of the largest makers of sports footwear in the world and they are indeed innovative.

• K-Swiss

The brand K-Swiss was founded by two Swiss brothers. These brothers manufactured the first ever tennis leather shoes, both were interested in tennis. It was declared the best company by American footwear news magazine.

• Hi-tec

Hi-tec is the leading outdoor sports brand in the world. Its prices are not much high as other brands.

• Asics

It is a Japanese company. It is well known for making running shoes. The performance of their product is very good. It makes athletic equipments.

Shoes of many varieties can be found in the market, as so many brands are there and each trying do something better than the other. Due to the competition in the market, the people have a lot of variety to choose from. If you want to go for a formal look, you can buy shiny leather shoes. You will get many designer houses for these kinds of shoes like Robert Cavalli. Most of the brands release their new models after every few months. Branded shoes have really become a part of youngsters’ lifestyle and even fashion statement.

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